ADAPT-A-LIFT Group Joins Zephir’s Distributor Network

by DG in Comunicazioni


(MODENA-ITALY, SEPTEMBER 2023) Zephir SpA is pleased to announce our latest distributor partnership with Adapt-a-Lift Group, whose head office is in Victoria, Australia.

Adapt-a-Lift, along with Freightquip will now offer Zephir and Trackmobile railcar moving solutions to customers throughout Australia. Adapt-a-Lift Group is a leading distributor of material handling equipment in Australia with a network of 11 branches. Founded in 1979, Adapt-a-Lift has over 44 years of forklift and industrial equipment sales, hire, servicing, and spare parts supply supporting a diverse portfolio of businesses. Delivering high-quality products with an engaged team of sales, service, and support experts, Adapt-a-Lift is committed to keeping customers’ operations running smoothly. In addition to Zephir, Adapt-a-Lift also proudly represents industry-leading brands such as Hyster, Yale, Comilift, Dingli, Aisle-Master, and Karcher.

This partnership with Adapt-a-Lift group is a great opportunity for both companies and the customers we serve. Zephir SpA is excited to partner with Adapt-a-Lift Group to provide customers with innovative, reliable, railcar moving equipment that keeps customer operations moving forward.

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