Who we are

Since 40 years, Zephir is the European leader in the rail-road shunting LOCOTRACTORS and industrial towing tractors, thanks to the largest range of vehicles having the best performances in the world.
Nowadays Zephir production includes the Locotractors LOK, CRAB, KUBO and LOKOM and several models of industrial towing tractors.

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Utilizzo dei Nostri Prodotti

Zephir has been producing more than 2800 vehicles, more than 90% still working worldwide, in each possible environment and any kind of logistic and industrial applications.

Thanks to this extensive experience ZEPHIR is specialized in tailored solutions according to customer and different national requirements.

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Zephir offers an extensive range of electric and diesel locotractors. We provide innovative customized solutions to customers worldwide in various markets including industrial, intermodal, ports, logistics, railway and metros.