Research and Development

The historical interest for innovation and designing, along with technological evolution, allow Zephir to satisfy every customer’s request.

Zephir vehicles are more and more efficient thanks to an engineering department able to create tailored vehicle on the basis of customer’s needs.
Every phase of designing and production of Zephir vehicle take place within the factory, with two different aims:

  • Guarantee reliables locotractor;
  • Promote and support the “MADE IN ITALY”.

The latest novelty within Zephir staff is an improved Electrical Department which is creating most performanced vehicle


ZEPHIR typical customers are not only the railways and their workshops and terminals, but all the companies involved at any level in railway logistic, as an example: ports, intermodal, steelworks, mines and mineral related industries, rolling stock construction or maintenance workshops, refineries and oil related industries, wood related industries, metallic scrap related industries, rail infrastructure construction companies, chemical industries, train rescue and recovery service.



Zephir rail-road locotractors, the state of the art, modern and efficient way of operating in shunting yards

  • rubber on steel traction technology
  • dedicated design for rail shunting yards
  • rail road flexibility
  • highly evoluted efficient and cost saving solutions
  • cost-effective, easy and fast service
  • infrastructure, reduced maintenance, maximized usage and lifetime
  • easy transport and relocation possibility
  • environment friendly