Locotractors Service and Support

Extensive experience, along with a commitment to innovative design, has empowered Zephir to produce reliable and long-lasting vehicles.

In order to engage with customers and guarantee them constant support, Zephir has developed an efficient and quick After-Sales Department.

The After-Sales Department structure allows for a simultaneous information exchange between Service Managers and specialized technicians who ensure vehicle maintenance and recondition, meeting customers’ needs as quickly as possible for minimal downtime.

The After-Sales Department covers all the operative areas, caring for customers’ investment in a Zephir vehicle.

Zephir guarantees spare parts availability, minimizing vehicle stop time due to eventual wear and tear.

For phone assistance with locotractors: (+39) 059 252554, Fax: (+39) 059 253759

For technical support requests: customercare@zephir.eu

For requests regarding spare parts offers and orders: parts@zephir.eu