Who we are

Since 50 years, Zephir is the European leader in the rail-road shunting LOCOTRACTORS and industrial towing tractors, thanks to the largest range of vehicles having the best performances in the world.
Nowadays Zephir production includes the Locotractors LOK, CRAB, KUBO and LOKOM and several models of industrial towing tractors.

LOK range is based on 11 models, covering equivalent locomotives weights from 10 tons up to 100 tons and train weights from 600 tons up to 6000 tons.
The Locotractor can be on and off-tracked in most areas in one quick and easy manoeuvre. Therefore, it can cross tracks to perform cross terminal movements quickly and efficiently.

Extensive trials performed by our valued customers resulted in saving more than 50% of the total cost of the equivalent standard locomotive.


LOKOM range is a rail dedicated vehicle and is able to replace small size shunting locomotives having a weight up to 40/50 tons.
This range is manufactured in two different versions: one with steel-wheels allowing higher speeds, and the other one with steel-wheels with replaceable rubber friction bands which allow higher tows at lower speeds.

The revolutionary CRAB and KUBO ranges include respectively 7 and 5 basic models, diesel or battery electric powered. These vehicles are designed for indoor use, they have an high versatility and extremely cheap running costs.

All are built according to the latest European Standards.

Zephir vehicles are designed to be personalized with a wide range of options as : remote controls, automatic couplers, data logger, safety devices, ecc ….

Zephir has been producing more than 2800 vehicles, more than 90% still working worldwide, in each possible environment and any kind of logistic and industrial applications.

Thanks to this extensive experience ZEPHIR is specialized in tailored solutions according to customer and different national requirements.

Zephir designs and produces its products in 2 different workshops situated in Modena (Italy) collaborating with the most specialized suppliers.


  • To be a global company giving innovative solutions in the field of the railway shunting, assisting logistics, big industries, railways and metropolitan railways, offering customized proposals for better supporting the efficiency and success of our customers all over the world.
  • To apply and constantly improve the high know-how level of our Persons, in order to stimulate the research and the development of our products.
  • To build a solid future, based on innovation, with respect to the environment.


Zephir was founded in 1969, designing and manufacturing heavy duty towing vehicles for industrial applications, from steelwork to intermodal terminals and airports.

In 1977, Zephir became the first world producer of an innovative tractor: the LOCOTRACTOR, a rail – road vehicle able to be on and off – tracked from railway, promoting major efficiency and reducing economic working costs.

After several improvements during the years, today LOK range has 11 different models suitable for working  in many areas, such as industrial plant, logistic center, interports and ports, rail deposit…

In 1991 two new Electric ranges have been created: CRAB (rail – road vehicle able to be on and off – tracked from railway) and KUBO, innovative electric vehicles which could operate also in close areas, such as tunnels, metropolitans and railway workshop.

Following market development and the new customers requirements Zephir has created the latest range LOKOM (rail vehicle) and LOK E (electric rail – road vehicle).
LOK E combine together the first Zephir range (LOK) and the electric engine, guaranteeing high performances and high respect for the environment.